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New Generation Jazz LINK presents



Ashley Henry (piano) Sam Vicary (bass) Sam Gardner (drums)
Ashley Henry is one of a new generation of musicians raised to a wide range of influences from Kirkland and Glasper to Hancock and Monk. Ex Leeds and The Royal Academy, at only 24 he plays with an unusual beauty and sensitivity. He made the finals of the South African Unisa competition, was youngest at Ronnie Scott’s Trio Festival 2015, and performs regularly with Gary Crosby, Shane Forbes and Jay Phelps. The trio are clearly influenced by hip-hop but have their roots firmly in jazz – this is the next generation putting their feet down and flexing their muscles.


In his Kilburn laboratory, Professor Atzmon ponders the mightiest problem of his long and brilliant career: How to revive the dwindling British jazz audience? For a while, even his illustrious brain is troubled. As so often in his work on decimals, he struggles to find the point. He has tried a geometric solution but has always come at it from the wrong angle. The heat in the room is becoming oppressive...  Then suddenly he has it: a group of five, indivisible prime musicians on whom he can count never to be square. Calling in his old colleague Professor Barnes, he now has the power of two who, like Pi, are irrational and can go on and on towards infinity, plus a rhythm section which to describe as “average”, he reflects, would be mean.  His attention undivided, his mind flies at a tangent and his ideas multiply. Fearing the first sine of madness, he resolves to calm down, declaring that the British jazz public can therefore only be revived by The Lowest Common Denominator.  Only two questions remain: what numbers to play? And will they be just a racket?



Friday 2nd September £15/12  BOOK ONLINE


the odd couple's CD launch:

The Lowest Common Denominator


Gilad Atzmon & Alan Barnes (reeds) Frank Harrison (piano) Yaron Stavi (bass) Chris Higginbottom (drums)