To celebrate The Verdict's third birthday, we here post a collation of the

quotable quotes about the club that have featured on our monthly posters

“The nicest jazz club in the country.”  Gary Kavanagh, 24/4/2012


“The best fiver I’ve spent all year. The world needs more places like this.”  punter, 9/6/2012


“I’m over the moon about this place.”  Claire Martin, 13/7/2012


“The Verdict is brilliant, perfectly set up for jazz.”  Jonathan Gee, 3/8/2012


“This club is special, civilised, there aren’t enough like it.”  Bruce Adams, 24/9/2012


“A wonderful space to play in, this is perfect.”  Sheryl Bailey, 12/10/2012


“An utterly marvellous club.”  Ian Shaw, 10/11/2012


“There’s something special going on here.”  Tommaso Starace, 26/11/2012


“This room is perfectly built for sound.”  Bobby Mair (comedian), 10/1/2013


“Definitely one of the best jazz clubs in Europe.”  Enzo Zirilli, 18/1/2013


“We love playing at this wicked club.”  Kit Downes, 8/3/2013


“Brighton’s lucky – an archetypal boîte de nuit, but without the grime.”  Art Themen, 30/3/2013


“If this club were in London it would be the place to go, and packed every night.”  Kit Downes, 8/3/2013


“It’s always an absolute pleasure to play at this club.”  Dave Drake, 18/5/2013


“This is the best, most amazing club... and the food is mighty beautiful too.”  Liane Carroll, 29/6/2013


“The best jazz venue in the UK.”  Rod Youngs, 26/7/2013


“This place is very special, very intimate.”  Enzo Zirilli, 14/9/2013


“This room is perfect: perfect size, perfect sound, genius loos.”  punter, 14/9/2013


“The best music venue in Brighton by a million miles.”  Jason Henson, 4/10/2013


“A gem of a jazz club, most cities in the world would be very proud.”  Damon Brown, 29/11/2013


“I only had to play one note in this place to feel happy.”  Pierrick Pedron, 29/11/13


“It is always a great pleasure to play here, it is an inspiring venue…  I always leave with a smile on my face.”  Vasilis Xenopoulos, 24/1/14


“I love this place, we always have such a lovely time.”  Liane Carroll, 21/2/2014


“One of my favourite jazz clubs in all Europe.”  Enzo Zirilli, 4/4/2014


“There are two venues in the South with good sound: The Purcell Room and The Verdict.”  Larry Bartley, 9/5/2014


“I love playing in this place, the sound here is incredible.”  Gilad Atzmon, 13/6/2014


“What a lovely club this is, it’s a real credit to Brighton.”  Zoe Francis, 15/8/2014


“A champagne concert at a mild & bitter price, and brilliant food too.”  punter, 16/8/2014


“Thank you for providing a heart for Brighton’s amazing jazz community... a  place where kindred spirits can meet in an atmosphere of ease.”

Lou Beckerman, 24/8/2014


“The most beautiful jazz club in England.  Tommy Bradascio, 28/11/2014


“This is the best room in the country to play in: everything is perfect.”  Frank Harrison, 12/12/2014


“The country’s first purpose-built jazz club, a wonderful place, amazing sound.”  Gilad Atzmon, 16/1/2015


“The Verdict is very, very nice, a dedicated jazz venue, it’s just got the vibe to it.”  Simon Spillett, SJM, February 2015

Lovely warm atmosphere, great acoustics, baby grand piano... this feels like home.”  Argus, 30/1/2015

Lovely intimate room, terrific food, the best venue ever!   Marlene VerPlanck, 6/3/2015

Trendy café, cosy basement, Brightons hippest jazz venue... delightful!”  Geoff Eales, 17/4/2015

This really is a remarkable room.  Alan Barnes, 29/5/2015

This is always our favourite venue on any tour.  Kit Downes, 2/6/2015

"My favourite UK jazz club... I
ve never heard a bad gig here.  punter, 28/7/2015

I wouldnt dream of going anywhere else.  punter, 11/9/2015

One of the great jazz clubs of the world.  Sheryl Bailey, 24/10/2015

Of all the clubs I have played around the world, this is one of the best.  Gary Crosby, 30/10/2015

This is such a special place.  Frank Harrison, 20/11/2015

TEN OF THE BEST JAZZ CLUBS IN EUROPE  Get in the groove at swingin’ jazz clubs from Berlin and Brighton to Paris and Madrid. Whether you want laid-back or out-there, you will find good vibes 
Jazz in the UK is alive and kicking beyond hallowed Ronnie Scott’s, which is often sold out and can be expensive. Visitors to London should head for places such as the Vortex, Jazz Cafe, the 606 and Streatham’s best-kept secret, the Hideaway. But the capital hasn’t got a monopoly on quality: two streets back from Brighton’s pier, the Verdict is not in the buzzy Lanes area but in the rather more austere company of the law courts (hence the name). However, under the direction of the enthusiastic Andy Lavender, the only pleading heard here is for encores. Its purpose-built basement, adorned with original photographs of jazz legends, seats just 60 and brims with atmosphere. Upstairs there’s a cafe that screens the performances. Adventurous programming and great acoustics are pulling in the finest UK players – people such as saxophonist Mark Lockheart, pianist Liam Noble, plus international names such as Portuguese guitarist Vitor Pereira – and attracting jazz lovers from across the generations.  Adam McCulloch, The Guardian, 2/2/2016  LINK TO ARTICLE
THE OTHER NINE: Hot Clube de Portugal, Lisbon * Harris Piano Jazz Bar, Kraków * Donau 115, Berlin * Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen * Porgy and Bess, Vienna * Sunset Sunside, Paris * Reduta, Prague * The Loft, Cologne * Cafe Central, Madrid 

This is an inspiring venue: great acoustics, a listening audience, and it even looks how a jazz club should look.”   Vasilis Xenopoulos 8/1/2016

My favourite jazz club in all the world.”  Riley Stone-Lonergan, 9/1/2016

What a great club, what a great vibe – brilliant!”  Mark Lockheart, 19/2/2016

Keep supporting this great club, my favourite in the UK.  Kit Downes, 30/3/2016

If you cant try something new at the Verdict, where can you?”  Kit Downes, 30/3/2016

This is such a special room, it has such a special sound.  Chris Draper, 28/5/2016

The sound in this room is so great, you can just let the music come to you.”  punter, 17/6/2016

We have such great experiences, I just love playing here – a proper jazz venue.”  B. D. Lenz, 23/7/2016

This is such a lovely club – we always go home happy.”  Christian Brewer, 9/9/2016

This is a great club, a fantastic place, a gem.”  Josh Kemp, 21/10/2016